Utavoll Campaign (5LftB)

 The Five Leagues from the Borderlands campaign takes place in the land named by the humans as Utavoll. Recently settled, it is still largely unexplored wilderness (according to the humans and their allies). This is an area with several threats to human expansion and many opportunities for adventurers to become rich, if only they can live long enough.

The campaign map is updated and reposted as the campaign continues and new items are added to it.

Utavoll at the start of Turn 55

Settlements (size, type, hex)

Utstein Marknad (Village, Market Town, 0303)

Haitabu (Town, Nomad Camp, 0907)

Elsfjord Kloster (Village, Monastery, 1411)

Fikaby (Village, Scattered Farming Community, 1907)


Orcs (Defeated)

The Hooded Men (Defeated)

The Synod of Reason (Defeated)

Other Locations

Unexplored (0101)

Unexplored (0302)

Unexplored (0602)

Unexplored (0709)

Delve (0806)

Delve (0807)

Unexplored (0810)

Unexplored (0905)

Unexplored (0907)

Unexplored (1001)

Unexplored (1003)

Monster Lair (1007)

Monster Lair (1205)

The Greenwood (Delve, 1305, All foes from Ruin list)

Monster Lair (1211)

Unexplored (1405)

Delve (1411)

White Peak (Delve, 1503)

Unexplored (1613)

Unexplored (1908)

Temple of Elemental Evil (Delve, 2005, Foes from Whispers list. Level 2 cleared)

Unexplored (2102)

Synod of Reason Camp (2113)

Cleared Locations

Synod of Reason Hideout (0214)

Hooded Men Camp (0303)

Gamla Utstein Delve (0303)

Mayor's Hat Delve (0709)

Hooded Men Hideout (0907)

Zombie camp (0907)

Giant's Knoll (0907)

Synod of Reason Camp (1005)

Ogre Cottage (1106)

Orc Camp (1201)

Orc Camp (1300)

Haunted Ruins (1707)

Hooded Men Camp (1708)

Orc Hideout (1806)

Minotaur Rise (1907)

Orc Camp (2106)

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