Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Camp Ztumsia - May progress update

This is some of my progress to date with the 15mm sci-fi figures.
Javelot Dune Buggy by Brigade Models
Cougar MBTs, Bulldog truck and infantry by GZG
Civilians by TTG (now 15mm.co.uk) and Citadel (now RAFM, I think)

Camp Ztumsia
In ancient days before the first Colonel Throckmorton P. Gladiolus united Ztumsia, the ancestral Bwendi tribal lands were an untamed wilderness filled with all manner of dangers. Life was hard for the Bwendi tribespeople, for your ancestors, who struggled to carve a living from the unforgiving veldt of their homeland. They were beset on all sides by unfriendly tribes, colonial powers with no sensitivity towards local tradition and the dreaded, carnivorous Ngifte Savannah Toad. Now, hundreds of years after the unification of Ztumsia, you too, loyal Bwendi citizen, may experience life as the ancient Bwendi experienced it. Yes, right here on Banasdan, thirteen parsecs from our ancient dwelling places, Gladcorp has recreated a part of our inheritence and now you may enjoy that experience. Camp Ztumsia, in the middle of the Banasdan wilderness lies in the perfect position to give you the rich sense of belonging that only a true understanding of your history can convey. Come to Camp Ztumsia and you too can learn how the ancient Bwendi lived and you too can enjoy the total lack of facilities of life in the wilderness safely in the company of our professional tour guides. While here in Camp Ztumsia, you will get to:
  • LIVE in mud huts, just like your ancestors;
  • LEARN how to light fires by rubbing two boy scouts together;
  • HUNT deadly but delicious frogs with spear and bow; and
  • MUCH much more.
Does this all sound too much for you? Well, if the experience is too intense, you can take a quick break in the fully modern facilities of the Camp Ztumsia annexe. This part of the camp has all mod cons and the latest in medical engineering, so you need fear nothing, not even the hostile native Banasdan wildlife. Just relax, work hard and learn, while you enjoy your holiday. To book now, go to bbb.campztumsia.so.te.
(Click the pics for larger images)
Camp Ztumsia with the modern facilities in the left background and the tourist huts in the right foreground
The Colonel himself stands in the doorway of the modern barracks building waiting to greet the first truckload of tourists
Disclaimer: the camp lies in the middle of the training grounds for the 23rd Fast Reaction Team. Your holiday may occasionally be disturbed by military manoeuvres. But do not worry, the 23rd FaRT are the reason why there is no hostile native Banasdan wildlife in the area.

23rd Fast Reaction Team
23rd FaRT is a mechanised brigade that was put together as a rapid deployment force. They are the first in and last out, which has lead to their nickname of the Flaky Boys because they are FILO. This nickname might also be a result of their troops being a bit twitchy as a result of their higher-than-normal combat experience. Here we see them on manoeuvres at Camp Ztumsia.
An armoured troop of the 23rd FaRT moves down a dry river bed with infantry in support
A 23rd FaRT infantry company commander and his first sergeant monitor events from the camp.
A Gauss MG team provides support from one of the guard towers at Camp Ztumsia
An infantry section comprising three fire teams advances through the undergrowth
An infantry fire team advances behind the tanks down a dry river bed while the platoon leader and his section advances through the undergrowth. In the background the company RAFRAM Mortar teams stand ready to provide fire support.
An aerial shot of the advance

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