Friday, 18 May 2012

A quick and simple Viking camp for Impetus

I needed a Viking camp for my 6mm Viking army, so I bought the Viking settlement from Irregular and then contemplated how best to produce a camp. In the end I opted for the layout below. It is simple, uses only one house from the set, along with the tree, the hedges and the looting pillagers that came with the set. The pillagers are obviously warming up in anticipation of their army's victory. I shall make one or two built-up areas from the remaining buildings in the set but that can wait for another day.
I reckon this is the home team's camp, so I shall also need to construct an away team camp for when the Vikings are visiting their neighbours. What would suit that? A burning church with monks fleeing and Vikings chasing? The more traditional longship on the shore look? A trading camp (would involve scratch-building tents. Boo!)? All of the above for use according to my mood? Probably this last, I suppose.


  1. very effective. And I'd go for the burning church ;)

  2. Those pillagers are great! - You've really brought the detail out there, and it's a nice camp - I'd definitely go for the burning church/monastery as well!

  3. Thanks, chaps. I was a tad concerned when I tried working out the unpainted pillagers, but, as with most things Irregular, once I applied the paint, the detail appeared. That is one of the things that I really like about Irregular; as well as their excellent service, which I have enjoyed for 25+ years, and their extensive ranges.

    It looks like burning monasteries or churches are in vogue this year, so I shall have to see what I can do about that.