Thursday, 24 May 2012

The world according to Ruarightania

His Most Beneficent Majesty, King Roderick I of Ruarightania, by the Grace of God most enlightened Monarch of our great Nation and Foe of all Unrighteous, commissioned a map of the worlde. His Royal Cartographer, Erik Duncan, has now completed this map and presents it to the ladies and gentlemen of the court.

I cobbled this map together as an overview map for our Lacepunk campaign, which will stagger slowly along until we get distracted by something shinier. I plan to do an improved version of it at a later date with added detail, but I thought I would show what I can do in Campaign Cartographer now. For the campaign I shall need to add area detail maps too, especially for Gateway City in Pacifica and wherever we place our imagi-nations. On that last point, I am tempted to place them in the Caribbean so that I can include units of pirates as conscript militia in my Maurice army. I am also very tempted to use my Black Hat Martians as a native army somewhere on this map. Hmm ...

Click the image for a larger version.

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