Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Faith in the Machine- April Objective Achieved

My April objective was to complete all my Syntha for Urban War, while maintaining progress on my 15mm sci-fi figures. This obective was achieved with just hours to spare as paint went onto the last of my figures on the 30th. Progress was also made on the 15mm sci-fi stuff, but they are not complete enough to post yet. The problem with them was that my progress was hampered by an unkind gift of more Syntha from my regular gaming buddy, Steve. He gave me eight or so new figures and I somehow got it into my head that I needed to finish them for the April objective to have been completed. So, without further ado, here are the goings on in the mech shed from April:
Artemis Alpha checks the new Talon Cyclosynth before sending it on its first mission
Two Pyro Cyclosynths are checked out in the mech bay

Pyros moving along the production line
 Prometheus macrosynth and an HK2800 Grav Bike
A Nyx assassin practises her balancing exercises in preparation for a night out
An Artemis biomech and her team of Androsynths muster before battle
Top row: Tactical Teratosynth, Achilles Biomech, Pointman. Bottom row: Two Hercules close combat biomechs
Meanwhile on the Koralon sporeship, the twisted wreck of a human being that is now known as Devi is called to the command centre and to be given orders for her next mission.


  1. Wow, non-nude Artemis Biomechs.

    1. Yeah, I never really 'got' the idea of the nude Artemis. It's not that I am prudish, but the skin suit seems more logical so I paint mine that way instead.