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Threshold, a logging community on the frontier

The original Traladaran name for the village of Threshold is Vatresh, the name being replaced by the Thyatian conquerors in AC 910. Many of the Traladaran locals still refer to the town by its original name. The Ivanov family were once the major Traladaran noble clan of the area but now Baron Sherlane Halaran rules the area.
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Threshold is a frontier community on the Windrush (Wufwolde) River near Lake Windrush. Originally a simple logging community, it has grown into sprawling settlement of nearly 5000 people since the coming of the Thyatians. Despite its large population, Threshold is not a squalid, crowded town due mainly to a law passed by Baron Sherlane Halaran that forbids any building to be built within 50' of each other.

On arrival in Threshold visitors are asked their profession and business by the town guards, who also explain town rules and regulations. Directions will be freely given and any illegal weapons will be confiscated, with receipts given for their return upon departure.

In the centre of Old Town is the Town Hall, a very large building used for storing confiscated weapons, town meetings, public declarations, trials and entertainments.
Outside the town walls there is a fishing village half a mile away from town and a large logging community encamped on the east side of the River Windrush.

There are six districts in Threshold - Docklands, Fogor Isle, Old Town, West, North and South.

Fogor Isle is the seamy side of town and is not patrolled at night. On the north end of the island is the blackened ruin of the Old Mill, burned 15 years ago. The building often becomes infested by giant insects and has to be cleared periodically.
Tarnskeep is a small sturdy fortress located approximately half a mile north of town, the home of Baron Halaran.

A dam across the mouth of the lake keeps large boats from travelling upriver while a weir is present that can be opened to allow lumber to float downstream.

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