Sunday 15 October 2023

Turn 28: The Thrappled Lemmings Take It Easy (Five Leagues from the Borderlands)

 Despite being the physical embodiment of chaos and frequently being barred from local taverns, it appears that the people of Haitabu still have some affection for them. Griselda the Baker's Daughter sent them a basket of her floury baps at no cost and Gunnvor the Butcher sent sausages and some offcuts of various beasts. With these and a few other gifts, the Lemmings did not have to pay for food as they rested and waited for Sir Thiebault to heal.

While the others pursued their own interests, Lysanthir and Fulrad trained. Onesipe took all their loot to the market and sold it. He bought Lysanthir some mystic trinkets and a Scout's Cloak for himself.

Later that day, while perusing the treasure map they had found and analysing the other information they had recently learnt, Lysanthir made a breakthrough. He rushed into the tavern taproom where the others were drinking their dinner.

"I've found it!" he cried, " I know where the Temple of Elemental Evil is. We're going to be rich beyond even our wildest dreams!"

The others ignored him. They had heard this all before. And he had been wrong every single time.

Surprise reveal: Lysanthir was not wrong!

In the meantime, Sir Thiebault had been talking to the tavern owner Helga, who asked if the Lemmings could deliver a letter to her cousin Thorvald in Utstein Marknad. She promised that he would pay them when they delivered it. He put the letter in his backpack and told her they would make sure that Thorvald got the letter next time they were there.

Now that Lysanthir has found the Temple of Elemental Evil, the campaign has a finite end beyond that specified in the rulebook. The Thrappled Lemmings must still defeat the remaining campaign Threats as the rulebook says, but after that, they will attempt the Temple of Elemental Evil delve. It will automatically be the maximum size possible (7 levels) and I am going to work out to what extent I can make it resemble the D&D adventure of the same name, because it is meant to be an epic conclusion to the campaign and this will also play up to my RPG nostalgia. Let's see if they can survive long enough to get there first though.

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