Sunday 11 December 2022

Turn 2: The Thrappled Lemmings Find Nothing (Five Leagues from the Borderland)

 Starting Location: Utstein Marknad (Hex 0303) 

Local Events

The local caravan has attracted all kinds of people. Turns out that some of them have sticky fingers and the Thrappled Lemmings suddenly find their entire warchest has disappeared to pickpockets.

Hard Times

With no money in the purse, they are once more forced to help the town guard in order to pay off their bar tab.

Campaign Activities

While the others are patrolling with the town guard, Sir Thiebault goes off foraging for herbs and returns with two doses of Ironshield Root after a particularly successful expedition.


Lysanthir continues his search for the location of the the hidden temple he had heard about. He questions the merchants from the caravan that arrived in town as they were returning from fending off the orcish raiders. Unfortunately, the travelling entertainer whose leads seemed most promising turned out to be full of hot air. I spent 4 adventure points spent to achieve the milestone of locating this delve and rolled a 5, so it has not yet been located.


With the party's bar tab being so high, they decide to leave Utstein for a while and travel to a map location (Unexplored Location hex 2000) that they have been told offers opportunities for enrichment if they first explore it.

As they travel, they spot an interesting feature in the distance. Lysanthir makes a note of it on his map. The Thrappled Lemmings decide to focus on their original objective and head to the new one later.

When they reached there, Onesipe quickly found tracks of what looked like a monster, but further scouting did not find a monster lair. The party berated him for not being better at finding treasure and made camp. Perhaps there were better chances for loot at the other place they had passed on the way here.

News Travels

Nothing of note is happening

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