Tuesday 13 December 2022

Turn 3 (part 1 of 2): The Thrappled Lemmings Are Ambushed (Five Leagues from the Borderlands)

  Starting Location: Wilderness (Hex 2000) 

Local Events

The Thrappled Lemmings spend the first of many nights under the stars as they travel towards the area that had attracted their attention on their way out. Wido might be a wily rogue but his roguishness could not stop his armour rusting and deteriorating on the journey. His armour is now damaged.

Hard Times

With no money for supplies, the party must live off the land, relying on their scouts to bag game to eat.

Campaign Activities

Sir Thiebault takes the opportunity of travelling the country to hunt. He bags game to the value of 3 Rations.


As the party passes by Haitabu on the way to the unexplored area, the town council approaches them with an offer. If they will retrieve the mayoral hat from a nearby location, the town will pay d6+1 Marks.

"In cold hard cash?" asks Lysanthir. Upon receiving an affirmative reply, he instantly responds, "We'll do it! Come, Thrappled Lemmings, let us away. We have a task to complete."

Contract: Retrieve item from unexplored location in Hex 0709


The party abandons their intention of exploring the other area and immediately heads for the site where the mayoral hat was lost, a ruined keep to the south-west (Hex 0709). The Thrappled Lemmings understand the importance of a good hat, and will not see the mayor do without. They gather their things, not that doing that takes them long, and march off.

They had been travelling for a couple of days when suddenly shouts arose from either side of them. A band of petty robbers assailed the Thrappled Lemmings.

"There's someone lurking up ahead," announced Fuldar, the group's designated scout.

"Quick," ordered Sir Thiebault, "Off the road and into those bushes there. Take cover."

"Look, there they are," yelled Wido.

The robbers had been attempting to sneak up on the Thrappled Lemmings, but one of their number proved to be particularly clumsy, and addicted to wearing shiny things. He was quite easy to spot. Now that the Thrappled Lemmings could see them, the robbers consisted of a rather ragged looking group of humans and orcs. One of their number was slightly better armed and looked slightly better nourished, but that did not say much!

Sir Thiebault and Drogo quickly knocked back the party's supply of Ironshield Root and it was time for the Thrappled Lemmings to go on the offensive. They did this by letting the bandits advance on their position. They knew that the bandits would have to close to be able to use their missile weapons, and they hoped to take advantage of this with their own bows. Unfortunately, Onesipe's shot went wild and Fuldar nearly broke his bow string. The others remained in cover and awaited the right moment to charge.

The enemy slingers closed the range again. Once chanced a long range shot but missed. The other moved quickly into the cover of some rocks near a pond. The rest of the enemy advanced.

Onesipe and Fulrad missed again. Lysanthir cast Fog on the spot where the enemy slinger was lurking by the pond. The others continued to hold their position.

Again, a sling stone whirled past Onesipe, while the other slinger advanced from his position of cover, unable to see while the Fog spell was in effect. The rest of the enemy advanced too.

Onesipe missed again, but Fulrad did not. An arrow pierced the enemy and killed him. Drogo charged an enemy slinger and cleaved him in two with one mighty blow. Sir Thiebault charged the enemy sergeant. The sergeant quickly turned the tables and Sir Thiebault found himself desperately blocking with his shield and only able to push the seargeant back in the end. Wido dived into the fray and skewered his opponent easily.

"That's how you do it, yer lordship," he quipped.

Lysanthir charged and cut open his opponent. Four of the enemy were now down. This was enough to make the remaining enemy slinger flee for his life.

Sir Theibault seemed to be evenly matched with the sergeant, after the initial flurry of blows and the two pushed each other back and forth without scoring a hit. Lysanthir was also held to a draw by the robber he charged.

The robber retaliated and knocked Lysanthir to the ground. One of the robbers attacked Onesipe who pushed it back. The robber sergeant leapt back into the fray and pushed Sir Thiebault back, but again no wounds were scored.

Onesipe tried to shoot a robber but realised he was out of ammunition. Fuldar shot the robber who had downed Lysanthir and killed him. Drogo charged the sergeant from behind and slew him in a couple of swift blows. This was too much for the final robber who fled screaming. The Thrappled Lemmings held the field.

Post-Battle Resolution

Lysanthir was just winded and will continue with the search for the mayor's hat (Used Lucky Break to ignore the really bad rolls on the injuries table).


Sir Thiebault goes up a level and gains the Traveling skill.

Drogo goes up a level and gains 1 Will.

Fulrad gains the Scouting skill.


The party loot the corpses and recover a suit of Fine Light Armour. This is given to Wido, whose armour is in bad repair. Fulrad gets Wido's armour on the grounds that he should not need it as much, being an archer.

Moving On

With the enemy dead, the Thrappled Lemmings continue on to where the mayor said his hat was taken. Exploring the location reveals a Delve at this location. Something has set up home under the ruins of this keep and now the Thrappled Lemmings need to give it a lesson in not stealing important hats.

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