The Monsters of Utavoll

 As I am playing in 15mm, it is easy to collect monsters for all the factions in Five Leagues from the Borderlands, but the posts disappear too quickly on the blog, so I am collecting links to them all here for my own reference. The three main hostile factions from the current campaign are represented in this list, as are all the non-faction monsters and three non-campaign factions. You can occasionally encounter non-campaign factions, so I have three factions to be going on with and will add all the others as I get them painted.

The Ruin Within (Bandits and Brigands)

The Whispers From Beyond (Undead and cultists)

The Gnawling Horde (Animal people)

The Ice-heart Court (Fay folk and their allies)

Duskling Warbands (Fierce warriors)

The Oldest Kin (Lizard folk)

The Curse of War (Ghouls and war cultists)

The Faceless Kingdom (Disciplined military forces)

Unique foes (Powerful individual enemies)

Roadside encounters (Random encounters along the way)

Lurking foes (Dungeon denizens mostly)

Aberrations (The most powerful monsters)

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