Tuesday 13 February 2024

The Curse of War: Ghouls and war cultists for Five Leagues from the Borderlands

 The Curse of War faction is not part of my main campaign, but I appear to have accidentally painted enough figures to field it, if I need to. As with my bandits, the figures are largely Vikings and Normans from my wider collection divided according to armour type. That gives me three main groups of unarmoured, lightly armoured and armoured troops with missile support. All of the human figures can and will be used as whichever faction is on the table and suits their armour and equipment, but separating them out and painting them as individual factions helps keep me focused and painting, a focus that I lost in the rather shitty end to 2023.

The human factions are those who have deserted, or those who have been betrayed by their commanders and left for dead. Driven half or even wholly mad by their experiences, they roam the countryside with little purpose other than to fight. There are also undead arisen after the battle is over and fiends that seek out battlefields to feed on the dead. There is much conflict in Utavoll for them to feast on.

Craven Deserters

Craven Deserters are the least of the human groups, Pressed into service by unfeeling overlords, they have sought to escape but find themselves in a situation where they must simply fight to survive with what little they have, which is very little indeed.

Two Dragons peasants and slingers are a useful stand-in for pretty much all of the unarmoured, poorly equipped troops in Five Leagues from the Borderlands

Opportunistic Pillagers, Cruel Deserters, Torch Bearers and Forsaken Infantry

Opportunistic Pillagers, Cruel Deserters, Torch Bearers and Forsaken Infantry are regular soldiers whose experiences have broken their minds. With light armour and a bit more experience, they are one step above the Craven Deserters. They know only that they must fight to survive but lack direction in their madness.

Two Dragons Vikings and Normans provide the right mix of light armoured warriors for these groups

War-mad Roamers, Torn Flags and Forsaken Elite

War-mad Roamers, Torn Flags and Forsaken Elite are warriors born and bred, who find themselves consumed by blood lust and well enough equipped to slake their bloodthirsty obsession. They fight because in their battle madness is the only time they are truly alive.

More Two Dragons Vikings and Normans, this time in mail to represent the best equipped reavers

War Cultists

War Cultists are among the strangest of the blood-crazed human bands. They worship the battlefield itself. Their cry of "Blood for the Blood Gods" is the prelude to carnage that can only be stopped by killing them all. Their god gives them the power to summon powerful half-man, half-bull warbeasts to aid them in this.

The Brothers of Battering Blows led by their most fearsome captain, Friar Chuck (Essex Miniatures monks and warrior monks)

A powerful half-man, half-bull warbeast (Alternative Armies Tabletop Fantasy Minotaur 578)

Gibbering Corpse Crawlers and Battlefield Stalkers

The battlefields of Utavoll are also populated with Gibbering Corpse-Crawlers and Battlefield Stalkers, undead monstrosities raised by evil necromancers for the sole purpose of wreaking carnage wherever they roam.

Gibbering Corpse-Crawlers (Alternative Armies and RPE Demonworld)

Battlefield Stalkers (RPE Demonworld)

Soot-Stained Fiends

Soot-Stained Fiends are demonic flies attracted to the battlefields of Utavoll, where they feast on the bodies and souls of the slain.

Halloween flies. The golden ones are the leaders. In Utavoll, demons often take on the form of flies and other nuisance creatures to torment the inhabitants and drive them mad

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