Saturday 24 February 2024

Turn 39: The Thrappled Lemmings Take A Hike (Five Leagues from the Borderlands)

 "Right lads," announced Lysanthir, "We're not far from Fikaby and it's on our way to the Temple of Elemental Evil, so we can grab a beer or three on our way. What say you?"

There was a loud chorus of agreement. Beer was the magic word, after all. As they prepared to set off for the small hamlet, Fulrad and Sir Thiebault did a bit of scouting from the highest of the nearby hills. That helped them get the lay of the land (+2 Adventure Points). Then they scarfed down a chunk of the meat that Sir Thiebault had caught with some green leaves that Drogo said were edible (-1 Rations) before they marched off in the general direction of Fikaby.

As they travelled, Sir Thiebault hunted ahead of them. He reported back that he had found suspicious looking tracks, perhaps more bandits were active in the area. Maybe they should consider a slight detour before the delve to deal with these hoodlums (+1 Adventure Point). Fulrad continued to practice his archery and learned a thing or two (+1 XP).

The journey to Fikaby was uneventful and the Lemmings were in time for the closing of the market where they sold their spare Scout's Cloak for 1 Mark. They also learned that Elsfjord Kloster was in need of supplies. They could earn their keep and maybe learn something new by travelling there soon (If they travel there within the next two campaign turns, they can skip the next upkeep costs and gain 2 Adventure Points).

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