Saturday 17 February 2024

Turn 37: The Thrappled Lemmings and the Secret of the Slavers' Stockade (Five Leagues from the Borderlands)

 The mood in Haitabu was strange. Suddenly everyone was gambling in all the taverns. It made no sense to the Thrappled Lemmings, who knew better than to gamble hard-earned beer tokens. Well, for the most part anyway. Of course, that did not stop Onesipe getting sucked into a high stakes Diamondback game while Fulrad trained with his bow. Nor did it stop the rest of the Thrappled Lemmings giving him what for when he lost 3 Marks over the course of a few evenings. Fortunately, the Lemmings were able to sell a few things to restock the communal purse before they headed east to raid a bandit camp that they knew about.

The journey to the camp was uneventful. Fulrad scouted the camp and reported that the bandits' ramshackle huts were build amid the overgrown ruins of an ancient village. This group looked to be slave raiders. There were not many of them, but they were led by a woman he recognised, Autolyca, Princess of Thieves. She was a downright slippery customer and it would behove the Lemmings not to take chances with her or she would be back for revenge. Worse yet, there were several villagers and foresters in chains.

Fulrad spat, "Slavers! Death's too good for them!"

The Thrappled Lemmings used the cover well. Fulrad and Onesipe took up position where they could see the centre of the camp, ready to fire when given the command. The others sneaked through the woods and were within spitting distance of Autolyca and her crew before they were spotted.

Onesipe opened fire but his shot was deflected by the bandit's armour. Sir Thiebault charged a bandit near the camp fire and wounded him. Drogo shot and wounded a bandit slinger. Wido charged Autolyca herself. It was no contest. She had barely lifted her sword to defend herself before Wido had spitted her on his spear. Fulrad then killed the wounded slinger as more bandits emerged from the surrounding area and attacked.

In very short order, all the bandits bar one slinger were slain. That bandit chose discretion and melted into the forest around the camp as Wido, Drogo and Lysanthir closed on him.

In the ensuing calm, the Thrappled Lemmings freed the captured locals. One of them, Tovi the Forester, promised to help the Lemmings in any way he could before departing back to his hut in the woods. He led the others off with him while the Lemmings plundered the camp.

They were very satisfied with the results of their plundering, especially Fulrad who claimed the Harness of Vengeance that they found. Looking through all the documents in Autolyca's backpack quickly revealed that she had been a key individual in the Hooded Men's plans. The Thrappled Lemmings could give themselves a pat on the back for disrupting the Hooded Men even more.

The Lemmings settled in to camp for the night before heading on to their next destination. As they did so, Tovi returned with a letter for them. Sigrid the Beggar had been passing and had given it to him to deliver. The news she imparted was welcome and would aid the Lemmings in the next phase of their adventure.

Well, that went quickly after the initial sneaking. Three turns to kill all but one of the slavers and the Cunning Infiltrator unique foe fell on the first attack roll. I guess that is what happens when you use a newly painted figure for the first time. It was kind of disappointing in some respects that it was not a tougher fight, but I am sure those will come. The magic armour was a nice find though. There have not been many enchanted items found in this campaign so far.

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