Sunday 3 March 2024

The Faceless Kingdom: An invading regular military force for Five Leagues from the Borderlands

No one knows where the Faceless Kingdom originated. All they know is that it is not from round here. The Faceless Kingdom represents the military forces of a neighbouring kingdom that has decided it wants to take possession of Utavoll and make its inhabitants subjects of The King on the High Throne.

I have chosen to use my Normans for The Faceless Kingdom. They have sat unpainted for decades now, and this was just the push I needed to get more of them painted. All the figures here are 15mm Two Dragons Productions figures. Some of them I bought back when Two Dragons was still a company in its own right.

The weakest of the Legions are the Unmarked. With only basic weapons and no armour, they have yet to prove themselves on the battlefield.

Unarmoured Soldiers

If the members of the Unmarked Legion survive, they may be recruited into the Legions of the Weasel, Owl, Raven or Swine. These are soldiers who have survived a battle or two and are equipped with padded hauberks, decent shields and better weapons.

Soldiers in padded hauberks

The Legions of the Ox, Lion, Viper, Wolverine, Mole, Eagle and Iron are all proven soldiers. They have mail coats and the best weapons.

Armoured soldiers

Missile support is provided by slingers for the Unmarked Legion and the Legion of the Weasel. They are the least of the legions and there is little point in giving them the best weapons.

Slingers of the Legions

Missile support for all the other legions is provided by crossbowmen.

Crossbowmen of the Legions

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