Saturday 9 March 2024

Turns 46-47: The Thrappled Lemmings Recover (Five Leagues from the Borderlands)

 It took a couple of weeks for the rest of the party to start talking to Lysanthir again. It helped that Lysanthir found a wandering healer to help Fulrad. Between the Tonic they fed him, trips to the healer and plenty of rest, Fulrad was soon ready to get his revenge on the Orcs. While it cost them half their savings, they reckoned it was for the best, and they would recoup the money soon enough.

As soon as Fulrad was better, the Lemmings sat down to plan their next raid. There was an Orc hideout to the north of Fikaby and within a half day's travel. This would be their target. They set out. Many a black look was directed at Lysanthir, who knew to take the hint. He would not run this time.

The Orc hideout was well defended and well fortified. Large Orcs massed on the battlements with archers and there were sentries all over. The rocky hills here provided some cover, but the last part of the approach would be over open ground. This could get messy.

The Thrappled Lemmings took up position on a hill overlooking the Orc's hideout. Lysanthir, determined to prove himself, raced off from their position towards one of the sentries. He was spotted immediately.

"CHARGE!" yelled Sir Thiebault unnecessarily; the Thrappled Lemmings knew the drill.

Arrows flew. An Orc was wounded. And suddenly Orcs were swarming from all over towards the Thrappled Lemmings. Sir Thiebault was the first to engage an Orc with his sword and soon found that these Orcs were tougher than average. Fortunately, his armour held. Drogo raced to aid Lysanthir, whose desire to right the previous wrong had got him into real trouble.

Drogo ploughed into the side of an Orc. Several blows later, it lay dead. Sir Thiebault was wounded by the Orc he faced. Onesipe and Wido quickly ran out of ammunition without hurting any Orcs. Lysanthir fought furiously against the Orc but the only thing that kept him alive was his Ring of Protection which warded off the blows. Eventually, he managed to sneak a blow in below the Orc's guard and it fell, but it had been close. Meanwhile, the remaining Orcs were storming towards the Thrapple Lemmings and their archers were firing from the battlements, wounding Drogo.

Wido charged in to aid Sir Thiebault. The Orc died, caught unawares by the flank attack. In a lull in the fight, Sir Thiebault and Drogo both bandaged their wounds, only for Drogo to be wounded again as one of the Orc captains assaulted him. The other captain attacked Wido and was driven back. An Orc soldier then died at Wido's hands.

The Orc archers concentrated their fire on Lysanthir, who was nearest them. Luckily, his pocket diary took the hit for him as one of the arrows struck his chest. However, it was too much for one of the archers, who ran upon seeing his comrades falling.

Then Fulrad put an arrow straight through the ears of one of the Orc captains. He pumped his fist and turned to find a new target. Sir Thiebault and Wido worked together and soon Wido was able to slay the captain. With their captains dead, the remaining Orcs were quickly slain or fled as fast as they could. The Thrappled Lemmings held the field and the supplies that the Orcs had been stockpiling. They took the valuables, destroyed the rest and returned to Fikaby for dinner. While eating their dinner, they learned that a monster had been spotted in the fog. No one knew where its lair was though.

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