Saturday 16 March 2024

Turn 51: The Thrappled Lemmings and the Bandits' Trap of Inescapable Doom (Five Leagues from the Borderlands)

 It was harvest time and Fikaby was a hive of activity, as the Thrappled Lemmings could clearly see. They were fascinated by this and were offered pay if they would help out, but they decided that watching other people work was hard enough without actually exerting themselves to do it too. This created a bit of bad feeling, and they found themselves being charged a supplement for their dinner. Drogo spent part of his time at the healer, being ministered to and declared himself fit to fight shortly after. Meanwhile, Lysanthir spent time practising his spells and doing research. He soon discovered that one of the monsters in the fog had its lair to the west of Elsfjord Kloster (-6 Adventure Points). While this was going on, Onesipe was at the market buying more Tonic. It was pretty much a certainty that it would be needed again soon.

Later, the Thrappled Lemmings prepared to march out of Fikaby. Their plan was to patrol the area for the last remnants of the Orcs, who were hindering trade and robbing people. Their secondary goal was to find a small chest that one of the village elders had been robbed of. It did not take long for them to chance upon a likely  group of unsavoury Orcish robbers who were up to no good. The robbers challenged the Thrappled Lemmings to hand over their worldly wealth, but the Thrappled Lemmings were reluctant to do so. And that is how the fight started.

Red arrows show Orcish movements. Blue show the Thrappled Lemmings

Wido raced over to the nearest bandit and was promptly wounded. Driven back, he gave the bandit time to fire a shot at him and he was taken out of the fight. The bandit sergeant raced up the hill towards Fulrad. Sir Thiebault charged. The bandit sergeant died. A new group of bandits appeared as Lysanthir recovered the box. Fulrad and Onesipe fired as fast as they could but their shots did not count for anything. Drogo raced to the fray in the field and slew two bandits in quick succession. Soon there was nothing to see but dead bandits near the road and the dust from the two who chose discretion over valour. Wido was unwounded, but his helmet had taken a solid hit and was damaged.

The Thrappled Lemmings returned to town, where they learned that monsters had taken up residence in some old ruins near Haitabu. They toasted this potential new source of income and drank the night away together, happy that Wido was unharmed.

That went a lot quicker than expected. The only problem was Wido getting carried away and charging on ahead of the others. He will know better next time, we hope. As it happened, Drogo just carved his way through the bandits who arrived as a result of the Unknown Enemy marker. My missile troops were rubbish though. There is now a new delve on the map, and we have identified a previously unexplored area as a monster lair. It would be really quite easy to continue this campaign until the map is completely full of adventure sites with the way the random events go. So many side quests, so little time!

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